Below is a list of all forms needed for various Central Stores Services

Shredding Agreement

This is the Shredding Program Application Agreement.  More information about the Shredding Program can be found on our Shredding Program page.

Paper Order Form

Departments can order various paper products through Central Stores with this form.

Ink/Toner Order Form

Please contact The Cost Per Copy Program / Liz Douglas for any printer, copier or toner needs.  The Cost Per Copy team will help assist you on other options for your printing needs. Central Stores no longer supplies any toner for The University campus.

Internal Departmental Transfer Form

An IDT is prepared whenever equipment and property which has a Property Tag affixed, is moved to a new location or is transferred to another Department.

Surplus Property RELEASE (SPR) Form

This form is to be filled out by all departments for the release of all assets no longer needed.

Shipping Document

A shipping document covers all items being returned.  Our Shipping and Receiving page has more information about returning packages.

Surplus Property CLAIM (SPC) Form

This form is to be filled out by departments for the delivery of surplus items from Central Stores to their department.