Shredding program

Central Stores now has shredding available to all University of Akron departments. There are several options available to meet departmental needs.

These bins are to be used exclusively for the collection of confidential paper materials only. (Staples, paper clips and binder clips are OK). All consoles/totes will be collected every 4 weeks unless otherwise requested by the department.  The department will maintain consoles/totes in a secure location and provide reasonable care to avoid theft, vandalism or other damage to them.

Please review records retention guidelines

Please review the retentions guidelines before disposing of documents. An up-to-date copy of the schedule and policy can be found on the records management web pages.

Checkout the options below.

Option 1: Console Cabinet

Console The New Regal 35” cabinet looks like a piece of office furniture and blends nicely into almost any office environment. Its small footprint (19” x 17” x 35”) and flat top is great for placement almost anywhere and will easily accommodate items such as fax machines, printers or any other small office equipment. With a 90 pound capacity and advanced design, it holds huge quantities of paper and virtually eliminates loose paper inside the cabinet.

Option 2: Tote

Tote  The European style collection bin has been designed to provide high capacity collection, yet maintain a sleek, stylish look within any office setting. Comes in a soft gray color that blends easily into most decors. Two sizes are available (65 or 95 gallon) to fit your needs.

The 65 gallon bin utilizes an internal locking key mechanism that eliminates sharp edges and provides for easy access to the paper slot. It holds up to 250 pounds of paper.

The 95 gallon bin utilizes an external hasp locking mechanism locked with high quality, Wilson Bohannan brass padlocks. A huge capacity (up to 350 lbs), yet surprisingly stylish and able to fit through all standard office doorways.

Option 3: Purge

Two separate rates based on weight. Minimum purge rate: $50