UA Dance Institute Pre-Professional Training

Dance Institute is nationally recognized for its pre-professional curriculum, which prepares students for careers in concert dance performance and dance education, and for its faculty and guest teachers, who represent extensive professional performance experience and academic backgrounds, and many decades of teaching expertise. Dance Institute’s pre-professional training emphasizes the technical proficiency, artistic development and positive dance experience of each student, and the physical, educational and creative value of dance training.

The training establishes a strong foundation of technical correctness and strength by presenting and proceeding through specific material in a particular way. It is a process that is deliberate and ensures steady progress by addressing the intricate physical nature of dance technique. This carefully considered approach to technical proficiency is vital to the student’s effort to fully develop their technical abilities so that they may fully realize their artistic potential. Teachers emphasize details of correct technical execution at each level in order to build physical strength and precision so that the student is not at risk of injury, and their ability to continue to progress is not hindered by incorrect use of the muscles and incorrect alignment and placement. 

Dance Institute’s training is thorough and requires patience and commitment on the part of the student. Classwork in all Dance Institute levels consists of core material (repetition and review of movements, positions and sequences) and new material.  Fundamental concepts and the principles of technical execution are represented in and explored through basic and complex vocabulary and sequencing appropriate to each level.

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