Office of Licensure

The Office of Licensure is a component of the Office of Student Services in the School of Education. Its mission is to ensure that individuals seeking careers in education are properly certified/licensed with adherence to the current guidelines of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).  To that end, we:

  • validate completion of program and degree requirements.
  • validate successful completion of Ohio's required licensure tests.
  • verify completion of University of Akron programs for those seeking licensure/certification in states outside Ohio. 

How to Apply for Licensure

Upon the completion of all requirements, individuals must apply for the appropriate license and be recommended by the dean, head of the teacher preparation program, or designated official to the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Educator Licensure.  Follow the steps listed below.

image of teaching license

What licensure tests do I need to take?

Test Preparation Sites