Areas of Research

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is involved in numerous research projects through the CAVES program. These projects include topics such as sensors, motor drives, energy harvesting, and energy management. The projects involve the combined work of faculty members, graduate students, and even undergraduate students.


  • Electric powertrain testing

  • Vibration-Based Energy Harvesting

  • Power extraction from solar-pv systems

  • Maximum power point tracking for solar panels

  • Grid synchronization

  • Smart grid technology

  • PV-based microgrids

  • Inverter technologies for renewable energy systems

  • High performance electrical machines and drives

  • Adaptive microgrids for local energy management

  • Programmable Charger for an Electric Trike

  • Active fault-tolerant balancing for LiFePO4 cells for an electric trike

  • Active Balancing for Lead-acid batteries

  • Coordinated control of an electric vehicle – Solectria S-10

  • Hybridization of a Solectria S-10

  • Model-based minimum damage control of Li-ion cells for space applications

  • Control of switched reluctance machines

  • Battery Management for Improving Pack Reliability - Tropica Roadster

  • Small world active battery management – Myers Car

  • Ni-Zn Battery Management

  • Ni-Zn Battery Development and Characterization

Undergraduate Projects

  • Wind Turbines

  • Solar Golf Cart

  • Electric Bike

  • Sustainable Urban Transportation

  • NASA Moon Work

  • NASA Lunar Mining Robot Power

  • SAE Hybrid Formula

  • High power battery packs for robot combat


Research Groups