Supporting Faculty

The CAVES program is supported by many faculty members in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. For more information on each supporting faculty member, see the links below.

Leading Faculty:

Dr. J. Alexis De-Abreu Garcia

Center Director

  • Computer-Aided Design for Control Systems
  • Model Order Reduction
  • Linear Systems


Dr. Malik Elbuluk

  • Design, Modeling, Simulation and Control of Power Electronic Circuits
  • Wide-Range Temperature Sensors for Harsh Environments
  • Modeling and Simulation and Implementation of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Wind Power Systems
  • Electric Motor Drive Systems

Dr. Tom T. Hartley

  • Battery Dynamics, Modeling, Management
  • System Dynamics and Control

Dr. Yilmaz Sozer

  • Advanced Energy Systems
  • Exportable Power Generators
  • Solar Photo Voltaic Systems
  • High-Performance Motor Drives
  • Multilevel Inverters


Supporting Faculty:

Dr. Hamid Bahrami

  • Design and evaluation of user selection and scheduling schemes
  • Cooperative communications and relay networks/systems
  • Stochastic communication channels/systems modeling
  • Application of minimum feedback in wireless communication systems
  • Use of partial and imperfect channel knowledge in design of suboptimum transmission schemes

Dr. Joan Carletta

  • Real-time computing for digital signal processing applications
  • VLSI and VLSI design automation
  • Field programmable gate arrays

    Dr. George Giakos

    • Space surveillance systems and signature detection
    • Multispectral polarimetric sensor suites and imaging
    • Optical electronics and photonic devices
    • Energy harvesting systems
    • Optical communications

    Dr. S.I. Hariharan

    • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation
    • Electromagnetics
    • Computational Acoustics
    • Modeling in Materials Science: Solidification, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Filtration and Nanoscale Modeling

    Dr. Nathan Ida

    • Computational Electromagnetics
    • Nondestructive evaluation of materials
    • Wave propagation in materials
    • Scattering
    • Antennas
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility
    • Computer Algorithms and Computer Methods

    Dr. Kye-Shin Lee

    • High speed and low power analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters
    • High performance amplifiers (smart amplifiers)
    • DACs, backlight controller and touch sensor readout circuitry for mobile display drivers
    • Self powered sensors ( joint project with Civil Eng. Dept. )
    • 3D package using structural electronics ( joint project with Mechanical Eng. Dept. )

    Dr. Arjuna Madanayake

        • Analog and digital electronics
        • RF embedded systems
        • Circuit theory and multidimensional signal processing

            Dr. Shiva Sastry

            • Networked Embedded System
            • Automation
            • Graph Algorithms

            Dr. Robert Veillette

            • Robust and reliable control theory
            • Control of electromechanical systems
            • Sensor and actuator electronics

            Dr. Dane Quinn

            • Resonances in nonlinear systems including rotordynamics and spacecraft dynamics
            • Energy harvesting

            Dr. Homero Castaneda-Lopez

            • Advanced electrochemistry

            Dr. Ping Yi

            • Civil transportation Center