Nearly 3,600 vote for their favorite UA ad


The New York Giants weren't the only winners at the 2012 Super Bowl!

A television ad featuring new University of Akron research that has created a contact lens specifically for diabetics warning them of high blood sugar levels and a revolutionary nanofiber bandage that may help wounds heal faster was the #1 vote-getter. These commercials highlight the "Energy of Innovation" research at UA that is improving lives and positively impacting the environment.

This "Energy of Innovation" commercial features materials found in nature that we can imitate to create useful products.

This year, for the first time since The University of Akron began advertising regionally during the Super Bowl 14 years ago, the campus community and the general public got the chance to select the UA television commercial they wanted to see during the big game.

Nearly 3,600 votes were cast by students, faculty, staff and the general public for their favorite, and the winner was unveiled during the third quarter of the game. Each of the three spots features University President Luis M. Proenza asking a key question: "What is the energy of innovation?" Then, each commercial highlights two different areas of research and discovery.

This "Energy of Innovation" commercial focuses on technology to combat infrastructure corrosion and produce clean energy.

Innovative spirit alive at UA

The Super Bowl ad is just the beginning of UA's new coordinated advertising and marketing campaign, which gives the community an inside look at the innovative spirit that drives research, learning and discovery at the University. Each year, a new TV commercial is unveiled to Northeast Ohio viewers of the Super Bowl, "kicking off" the advertising campaign. In addition to the TV spots, a new website has been launched to highlight these areas of innovation, along with print, radio and social media ads.

The University's three commercials will continue to air in rotation on various regional television stations throughout the year. To learn more about the innovative work being done at The University of Akron, visit our Energy of Innovation website

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