Stackpole Engineering


Stackpole Engineering Services, Inc., a full service provider of engineering solutions, recently partnered with The University of Akron College of Engineering, sharing Dymola software, a complete tool for modeling and simulation. President Michael Stackpole, who received his Master of Science in mechanical engineering from UA in 1991, purchased Dymola software for the College of Engineering and has arranged for faculty and student training.

Dymola software works with integrated and complex systems for use within automotive, aerospace, robotics, process and other applications

Stackpole Engineering is a long-time partner with the College of Engineering’s Co-op and Placement program. Engineering students will now receive advanced training on the sophisticated Dymola software, honing their skills as Stackpole co-op employees.  Stackpole officials will also train students in specific areas of industry need, increasing UA students’ competitive edge.

“It is our honor at Stackpole Engineering Services to provide the engineering students at The University of Akron with access to Dymola.  Simulation development and analysis tools and techniques are an integral part of engineering in the 21st century,” says Mr. Stackpole.  “Stackpole Engineering understands that providing access to these engineering of tools at UA will ensure that students are fully prepared to meet the challenges of today’s engineering field.”

The software purchase also includes annual software updates. Students have incorporated Dymola software in their designs, strengthening their skills and making them more marketable in industry.

Stackpole Engineering creates customer solutions across a broad range of industries including professional and amateur racing, military, off-road and automotive and tire industries. Through this arrangement with UA, students will be more highly trained and fluent with Dymola software as it is becoming more widely-used across multiple industries in the United States.