Student Success Center | College of Health Professions

Location: Mary Gladwin Hall Room 313
Tele:  330-972-6061

Nursing studentGrow

As a student in the College of Health Professions, you’ll have opportunities for personal, academic, and professional growth.


Learn from one of our academic programs.


Get connected to student organizations or learning communities for even more opportunities to learn all you can and meet people with similar interests.


See your adviser to be sure you're on the right track to graduate.

To make an appointment


In addition to New Student Orientation, each school has its own orientation for you to meet your fellow classmates and learn more about your major.


Some schools in the College of Health Professions offer scholarship opportunities.

Student Organizations

Students who are involved on campus are more likely to graduate.

Learning Communities

Living and studying with students within your major gives you an instant study-buddy. You can also network with other future health professionals and develop the academic skills you need to succeed.