Four Phase Advising System or 4PAS

What is 4PAS?

4PAS stands for Four Phase Advising System. 4PAS provides multicultural students enrolled at The University of Akron with unique, personalized and academic and career-related advising. The program focuses on enhancing students’ potential for learning, while investing in their personal and professional growth.

What are some of the benefits of 4PAS?

Some of the benefits of 4PAS include

  • Personalized academic and career related advising
  • Increased awareness of personal and professional opportunities
  • Participation in the Laptop Loan Program
  • Peer and professional staff support

How does 4PAS work?

Students enroll in the program based on credit hours earned. First-year students are strongly encouraged to enroll in 4PAS as soon as they are accepted into the University. However, all multicultural students are welcome to enroll in 4PAS at any point of their academic career.

Students will move through the phases as they progress toward degree completion and accumulate credit hours. All phases of 4PAS will help embrace the academic progression and transition that each student will face throughout their time at The University of Akron.

Sign up is simple!

To participate in 4PAS, complete and submit the following enrollment form or enroll now online.

Please note

4PAS is not designed and does not intend to substitute the services provided by the Academic Advisement Center in Summit College Advising or any other advisement services provided by degree granting colleges at The University of Akron. Students are still encouraged to meet with their Academic Adviser.