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Toni Bisconti
coronavirus; How to manage fear, panic and anxiety; mental health tips for staying at home and social distancing

Stephen C. Brooks
coronavirus; effect of pandemic on campaigning and voting in Ohio; media and politics; campaign news; campaign advertising

Julie Cajigas
coronavirus; Social Media and how it has prepared us to thrive virtually; social media and its benefits to relationships; dark side of social media - misinformation, and the unrelenting nature of news updates

David B. Cohen
American politics; president; vice president; POTUS; First Lady; White House; presidency; White House staff; chief of staff; White House press corps; executive branch; cabinet; Congress; House of Representatives; Senate; campaigns; elections; voting; Ohio politics; Ohio Statehouse; Ohio legislature; public opinion; WMD; weapons of mass destruction; homeland security; biological weapons; chemical weapons; nuclear weapons; arms control; Politics of coronavirus pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19

Michael DeDad
economics; macroeconomics; monetary policy; Federal Reserve; financial crises; money; banking; bank lending; interest rates; consumer choice; consumer tastes; food tastes; organic food; polarization; economic inequality; regional consumer preferences; China; economy of China; international trade; public finance; taxes; coronavirus and the economy; sports economics

Ali Dhinojwala
coronavirus; polymer materials for PPE; sterilization of PPE

R. Joel Duff
coronavirus; Biology, virus, genomes; and science communication for the public

Ali Enami
Public economics; Public policy; Fiscal policy; Taxes; Transfers and Subsidies; Tax evasion; Property, sales, and income taxes; Federal, state, and local budget; Local businesses; Health subsidy and interstate migration; Coronavirus and local economies; Coronavirus and fiscal policy; Unemployment insurance; Elections and referenda; Education economics; Education policy; Test scores; Class size; Decipline; Teachers' compensation; Teachers' value added; Student mobility; School funding; School construction; School choice; Public schools; Development economics; Poverty; Inequality

Catyh Faye
coronavirus; social psychology; the intersection of science and social issues; study of rumors and morale during crisis and disasters

Sucharita Ghosh
international economics; international trade; trade war; China trade; tariffs; trade agreements ; coronavirus; economic costs associated with a viral; outbreak; coronavirus and global economy; trade agreements; foreign direct investment; free trade zones; economic growth

Maria Hamdani
coronavirus; Employee well-being; stress management; conflict management; leadership

Alexander Hoover
coronavirus; Applied math; epidemiological modeling; network science; parameter estimation; mathematical biology

Rhiannon Kallis
coronavirus; Social media’s role in the pandemic: responses from social network sites/apps; organizations on social media trying to continue sales, celebrities’ roles during pandemic; effects on interpersonal relationships

Karl Kaltenthaler
coronavirus; Global cooperation or lack of cooperation; Trade (trade wars); US role in the world; Islamist Terrorism; ISIS (or IS or ISIL); Al Qaeda; Taliban; Pakistani terrorist groups; Radicalization into Islamist terrorist groups;Drones; Afghanistan; Pakistan; Iraq; Syria; and Middle East security; Counterterrorism; Intelligence issues;National security policy; and Muslim public opinion;

Kevin F. Kern
coronavirus; history of science, technology, and medicine; history of epidemics; history of epidemic responses; Ohio history; history of Gilded Age; Progressive Era;

Julie Lenyk
coronavirus; addiction counseling and support

Ronald Levant
coronavirus; Masculinity - dealing with the feeling of not being in control; the loss of a job and their role as a good provider; loss of sports as entertainment; becoming more integrated into their family life

Richard Londraville
coronavirus; cell biology of coronavirus; molecular biology of coronavirus testing; cell biology; molecular biology; biology of weight loss; fish biology

John MacDonald
coronavirus; fitness; exercising at home; recreation management; adventure recreation (rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking, camping, hiking)

Brad M. Maguth
coronavirus; K-12 teachers adapting to online teaching; online learning; teacher education; and curricular and instructional studies

Erin Makarius
coronavirus; Leading and managing remote workers

Nate Meeker
coronavirus; Online engagement through gaming

Barry Mulholland
coronavirus; Managing personal finances and budgeting; working with creditors; savings

Robert Peralta
coronavirus; Domestic violence; affects of social inequality in public health

Mahesh Srinivasan
coronavirus; Supply chain management; operations management; logistics; talent management; workforce skills development; international trade; international logistics

Jennifer Tehan Stanley
coronavirus; Older adults’ social and emotional resources and needs; intergenerational tensions during challenging times; older adults and technology

Heather L. Walter
coronavirus; health communication; health advocacy; organizational communication

Lisa Wiley
coronavirus; drug and alcohol use and misuse; family/domestic violence; teaching and learning online

Stacy Willett
coronavirus; emergency management; disaster science; responding with local EMAs

Juan "Joann" Xi
coronavirus; Medical sociology and health disparity; social demography; migration and Immigrants; aging and life course

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