International Partnership Agreements

International partnership agreements are meant to encourage academic collaborations, such as student mobility and joint research projects, between institutions.

To formalize a partnership, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed to establish a broad framework of potential cooperative activities. An Agreement of Cooperation is a separate document that sets forth the terms of a specific collaborative program or activity.

At The University of Akron, the Office of Academic Affairs, Office of General Counsel, and International Center are involved in the process of establishing partnership agreements.

As an initial point of contact, please send a message to Robyn Brown, Executive Director of Global Engagement at, if:

You are an international institution that:

  • is interested in forming a new partnership with UA, or

  • would like to visit UA to discuss potential collaborative endeavors; or

  • would like to amend or renew an existing agreement with UA.

You are a UA faculty member that has already obtained support from your Chair/Director and Dean and:

  • would like to form a new partnership with a specific international institution; or

  • would like to establish a more specific Agreement of Cooperation with an institution with which UA has a valid signed MOU; or

  • would like to review a signed agreement to further develop an active partnership.