Distinguish Yourself Here at Akron Law

Curriculum at Akron Law

We offer a dynamic curriculum with many opportunities for specialization. Our first-year curriculum includes not only core coursework, but also a weeklong intensive problem-solving course that gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in class. We also have an optional Academic Success workshop before the start of the first year that can help you to hit the ground running.

Our two-semester introductory course in legal analysis, research and writing is delivered in small sections to ensure individualized contact with our full-time writing professors. These professors have extensive experience in teaching and the law. Our upper-division writing courses provide further opportunities for our students to hone their skills.

We believe in preparing our graduates for practice as completely as possible, which is why we not only offer numerous skills-development electives, but also weave skills development into the core curriculum. Thus, while our professors do teach theory, they teach with a mind toward practical application as well. In fact, our world-class faculty have extensive practical experience and expertise.

In addition to receiving a solid foundation in the law, you can take advantage of the wealth of practical experience amassed by our faculty. Akron Law faculty have gained valuable experience working for the White House; U.S. Congress; federal courts; U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; World Intellectual Property Organization, federal and state prosecutor offices; Swiss government; non-profit organizations; legal aid, corporations around the country and across the world; as well as major law firms around the country (Ohio, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., California, Florida, and more). Although our faculty are well-respected scholars, their first priority is teaching.

All faculty are easily accessible outside of class. In fact, they are happy to sit down with students to review sample exams, clarify discussion topics from class, or even strategize about career goals.

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