Program Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers a doctoral degree in psychology with specialization in industrial/organizational psychology.  

Major field:

  • a minimum of 90 graduate credits including a 30-credit master’s program;
  • completion of Ph.D. core courses in the student’s specialty area: industrial/organizational. Core courses are specified in the Department of Psychology Graduate Student Manual. The student is required to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in core courses and overall courses;
  • completion of additional required and elective courses to be planned in conjunction with the student’s faculty advisor and subject to approval by the industrial/ organizational committee.

Written comprehensive examinations:

  • satisfactory performance on doctoral written and oral comprehensive examinations in the student’s major area of industrial/organizational psychology (refer to the department’s graduate student manual).

Dissertation research:

  • completion of PSYC 899 Doctoral Dissertation (minimum 12 credits);
  • satisfactory performance on final examination and defense of dissertation research.

Other requirements:

  • refer to the department’s graduate student manual for other requirements or guidelines;
  • complete and fulfill general doctoral degree requirements of the Graduate School.

Doctoral language requirements or appropriate alternative research skills and techniques may be prescribed by the student’s advisory committee, depending upon the career plans of the student and upon the academic and/or scientific requirements of the dissertation.