Programs and Opportunities

Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program follows the scientist-practitioner model of graduate training, emphasizing the development of research skills, knowledge of I/O theory and techniques, and applied experiences. Students attain competence in the core areas of psychology--social, cognitive, biological, and individual bases of behavior--in addition to developing competencies in I/O Psychology, research, and quantitative methods.

Ph.D. students can take courses in every major area of I/O Psychology including psychometric theory and testing, personnel selection and performance evaluation, research methods, organizational psychology, motivation and leadership, information processing, training and organizational development, macro-organizational psychology, organizational psychology, computer applications, attitudes and values, industrial gerontology, and legal issues relevant to I/O.

In addition to coursework, Ph.D. students are expected to become involved in research and publishing. Typically, students will work with several faculty on research and applied projects, again leading to breadth in experience and knowledge. In addition to working with faculty on applied projects, practica and internship experiences are available as are teaching experiences. A doctoral dissertation is required of all Ph.D. students. Students are encouraged to complete the program in four to five years.

M.A. Program

Students in the master's program in I/O Psychology take I/O coursework on a variety of applied topics including personnel selection, performance appraisal, training, and organizational psychology topics such as leadership and motivation. They also complete an applied internship, and must pass a Specialty Exam before graduating. Most students complete the program in two years. Students graduating with the M.A. degree have obtained positions in corporate, consulting, or government organizations including Key Corp, Western Union, SHL, Shaker Consulting Group, DDI and the Transportation Security Administration.

Training Opportunities

Practica and internships are available at sites throughout the Akron-Cleveland area as well as nationally. Graduate students have interned for organizations such as Shaker Consulting Group, Organizational Effectiveness Strategies, Timken, Wells Fargo, and Proctor and Gamble. In addition to practica and internships, field work and applied experience is available through arrangements with individual faculty members. Many students gain applied experience through the Center for Organizational Research, a business research and consulting center located within the Psychology Department.