Our I/O program makes important and sizable contributions to the economic development of the region and the state of Ohio. First, our students not only teach thousands of undergraduates per year here at the University of Akron, but often teach at other institutions while finishing up their degrees (e.g., Baldwin Wallace, John Carroll, Cleveland State, Kent State). Second, many of our students work for consulting firms locally while finishing their degrees, thus providing services to hundreds of companies that require I/O psychologists to help them to do their work. In the past 5 years alone, we have had students work for the following Northeast Ohio firms: Saville & Holdsworth Ltd., Avatar Mgt Services, Organizational Effectiveness Strategies, PRADCO, and the Brinoth Group. Third, many of our students stay in Ohio for their first job (even if they were not originally Ohio residents) and some remain in Ohio for future jobs as well. In fact, of our 32 Ph.D. graduates from 1995 to 1998, 10 of them are still employed as I/O Psychologists in Ohio. Given that we are a national program that recruits students from all over the world, it is impressive and important that a substantial number of our graduates choose to stay in Ohio contributing to the economic development of the region.