Industrial/Community Graduate Research Assistantship Program

The Industrial/Community Graduate Research Assistantship Program was created to enhance the academic experience for graduate students by exposing them to "real world" issues. Each selected Graduate Assistant is paired with a Northeast Ohio business.

Creating an assistantship

Participating organizations are requested to provide one or more research opportunities, which could be made available to multiple qualified students over several years. Here’s how it works:

  • Companies interested in participating propose how they believe their position will enhance the academic program of the student
  • Proposals can be sent to UA’s Graduate School or to individual faculty members
  • UA develops the assistantship details and recommends qualified eligible students for each company to choose from
  • Directed by the company, students spend up to 20 hours per week with their business sponsor developing their area of academic work
  • Each assistantship can be a one semester to one-year renewable position beginning in August and coinciding with UA’s academic calendar
  • Stipends are based on current academic department rates and are provided to companies by UA
  • A simple contractual system handles the financial details

For more information

See full program guidelines and forms.