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Current exciting technology projects

  • Artificial pancreas – coin-sized polymer device filled with insulin-producing cells that could replace finger prick tests and insulin injections for diabetics
  • Silvamist™ – silver based drug candidate that can fight cancer and infections, now in clinical trials
  • Gecko tape – super-strong tape modeled after the tiny foot hairs geckos use to climb up walls and across ceilings, a UA nanotechnology project
  • Spider silk muscle – based on the UA discovery that spider silk contracts when wet, thin strands can be used to lift heavy objects
  • Clean coal fuel cell – coal and air react with the help of catalysts to generate power twice as efficiently as coal burning power plants and easily trap carbon dioxide
  • Glucose sensing contact – diabetics could monitor their blood sugar levels with this prototype contact lens which changes colors as sugar levels rise
  • Fast Fourier Transform – greatly speeds up a computer’s ability to process pictures and sound, through a new mathematical formula
  • Polymer for medical devices – newest in a line of UA developed polyurethanes for medicine boasts unprecedented biostability when implanted