Mary E. Triece, Ph.D.

Mary E. Triece, Ph.D.

Title: Professor
Dept/Program: School of Communication
Office: Kolbe 108J
Phone: 330-972-6222
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Mary E. Triece, Ph.D. is a Professor in the School of Communication and the Director of The Women’s Studies Program.  Her teaching and research focus on rhetorical and feminist theories and criticisms, and social movement rhetorics.  Triece is the author of four books and numerous journal articles. Her most recent book, Urban Renewal and Resistance (2016) was awarded the National Communication Association Diamond Anniversary Book Award. Triece teaches classes on rhetoric and argumentation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Rhetorical theories; rhetorical criticisms; feminist theories and criticisms; social movements


Solo Authored Books

Triece, Mary E. (2016). Urban Renewal and Resistance: Rhetorics of Race, Space, and the City in the Late 20th-Early 21st Centuries.  Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. 

Triece, Mary E. (2013). “Tell it like it is”: Women in the National Welfare Rights Movement.  Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press.

Triece, Mary E. (2007). On the picket line: Strategies of working-class women during the Depression. Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

Triece, Mary E.  (2001).  Protest and popular culture: Women in the U.S. labor movement, 1894-1917. Boulder: Westview Press.

Edited Books

Triece, Mary E. (Ed.). (2018). Theories of Rhetoric: An Anthology.  First Edition. San Diego: Cognella.  


Co-Edited Books/Collections

Cloud, Dana; Flores, Lisa; Gajjala, Radhika; Shome, Raka; Triece, Mary; Watts, Eric. (Eds.). (2019). Oxford Encyclopedia of Communication and Critical Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Lacy, M. and M. E. Triece (Eds.). (2014).  Race and Hegemonic Struggle in the United States: Pop Culture, Politics, and Protest.  Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. 


Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

Triece, Mary E.  (2018). “Ideology in Marxist Traditions.” In Encyclopedia of Communication and Critical Studies. Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780190228613.013.557

Triece, Mary E. (2017).  Constructing the anti-racial city: City planning and antiracialism in the 21st century. Western Journal of Communication.

Triece, Mary E. (2017). "City Planning Rhetorics and the Cultural Trope of Opportunity," communication +1: Vol. 6, Article 6. Available at:

Triece, M. E. (2017). Whitewashing city spaces: Personalization and strategic forgetting in news accounts of urban crisis and renewal. Journal of Communication Inquiry. Available online at

Triece, M. E. (2017). Movements and Resistance in the United States, 1800 to the Present. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication, Ed. Jon Nussbaum. New York: Oxford University Press.

Triece, M.E. (2012). Credible workers and deserving mothers: Crafting the “mother tongue” in welfare rights activism, 1967-1972.  Communication Studies, 63.1, 1-17. 

Triece, M. E. (2011).  “Saying It the Way We Have Lived It”: Pragmatics and the “impossible position” of ideology critique.  Western Journal of Communication, 75, 434-439. 

Triece, Mary E.  (2003).  Appealing to the “intelligent worker”: Rhetorical reconstitution and the influence of firsthand experience in the rhetoric of Leonora O’Reilly. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 33, 5-26. 

Triece, Mary E. (2002). Framing Miss-Conduct: The rhetoric of paradox in the struggle of Cleveland Conductorets during World War I. Women’s Studies in Communication, 25, 197-222.

Triece, Mary E.  (2000).  Rhetoric and social change: Women’s struggles for economic and political equality, 1900-1917.  Women’s Studies in Communication, 23, 238-260. 

Triece, Mary E. (1999).  The Practical True Woman: Reconciling women and work in popular mail-order magazines, 1900-1920.  Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 16,  42-62.

Hart, Roderick P. and Mary E. Triece.  (1997).  U.S. presidency and television.  A contribution to the Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Television.  Ed. H. Newcomb.  Chicago: Fitzroy and Dearborn Publishers.


Book Chapters (peer reviewed)

Triece, Mary E. and Michael Lacy. (2014). Introduction. In M. Lacy and M. E. Triece (Eds.), Race and Hegemonic Struggle in the U.S.: Pop Culture, Politics, and Protest.  Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

Triece, Mary E. (2014).  The mother tongue as “back talk”: Resisting Racism in Congressional Hearings.  In M. Lacy and M. E. Triece (Eds.), Race and Hegemonic Struggle in the U.S.: Pop Culture, Politics, and Protest. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

Triece, Mary E., Kathleen A. Clark, Patricia S. Hill, Yang Lin, and Julia A. Spiker.  (2001).  Pedagogies of empowerment: Promoting the success of students of color. In Included in communication: Learning climates that cultivate racial and ethnic diversity, ed. Judith S. Trent, 57-75.  Washington DC: American Association for Higher Education.


Co-Edited Special Issues

Boisseau, T. J., Kathryn Feltey, Karen Flynn, Laura Gelfand and Mary E. Triece (Eds.) (2008). New Orleans:  A special issue on gender, the meaning of place, and the politics of displacement. National Women’s Studies Association Journal, 20.3, vii-xvii. 


Book Chapters (invited)

Triece, Mary E. (2016).  Public Debating.  In Protest Cultures: A companion eds. Kathrin Fahlenbrach, Martin Klimke, and Joachim Scharloth. Oxford: Berghahn Books. 

Triece, Mary E. (2011).  Supplemental materials to accompany Hogan, J. M., Andrews, P. H., Andrews, J. R., and Williams, G., Public speaking and civic engagement.  Boston, MA: Pearson, Allyn & Bacon.


Book Reviews

Triece, Mary E. (2019). Not One More! Feminicidio On the Border. Book Review. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 105, 541-545.  (invited)

Triece, Mary E. (2009). The history of the North Carolina Communist Party. [book review] H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online.


Ph.D., Speech Communication, University of Texas at Austin, 1997
M.A., Speech Communication, University of Texas at Austin, 1992
B.B.A., Finance and Marketing, University of Texas at Austin, 1990


  • Theories of Rhetoric
  • Rhetorical Criticism
  • Argumentation
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Communication Criticism
  • Capstone: Rhetoric, Race, and Health