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Open to All Students, All Majors.

What are Certificates?

Certificates are awarded upon completion of a specialized program focusing on a specific field of expertise. Unlike full degree programs, certificates offer concentrated training tailored to industry-specific needs. They serve as valuable credentials to showcase your focused academic achievements to potential employers.

The Department of Sociology Offers:

Certificate in Research Methods for the Social Sciences

To earn a "Certificate in Research Methods for the Social Sciences," you'll need to complete a set of courses totaling a minimum of 15 semester credits. These include two core courses, two complementary courses, and the Research Methods for the Social Sciences Pro-seminar. Throughout the program, you'll develop essential skills in research conceptualization, design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. The Pro-seminar, offered in Sociology and Anthropology on a rotating basis, serves as the capstone course where you'll demonstrate your mastery of research methods.

Start your journey towards mastering research methods in the social sciences today! See requirements.

Certificate in Conflict Transformation and Social Entrepreneurship

Make productive problem solving and leadership your secondary concentration. This certificate will complement any major or your current profession.

What is conflict transformation & social entrepreneurship?

Innovative, holistic, mindful, research-based doing designed to address a social problem in a sustainable manner. Social entrepreneurship addresses real world problems — from interpersonal to international — by doing with purpose, and actively and thoughtfully engaging with others to transform conflicts. See requirements.