How to appeal a fee

Fee appeals must be submitted within 60 days of the end of the term for which the adjustment is being requested.  Late requests will not be considered. Consultation from the Office of Student Accounts is required prior to filing an appeal.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date all documentation is complete for our committee to come to a decision on your appeal. 

Students have the right to submit an appeal for an exception to the refund policy published by the University if extenuating circumstance(s) exist. To be considered for an appeal, the following must be completed: 

  1. The appeal form: Download as PDF
  2. A written statement from the student stating reason for appeal
  3. Third-party documentation supporting the appeal (professional documentation: physician letter, death certificate, police report, etc.)

The University will consider fee appeals based on:

  • Appeals will be based on last date of attendance which may result in a balance due to the University of Akron.
  • Medical reasons for you or a family member: Medical Emergency must occur after the start of the semester for which the refund is requested.  Pre-existing medical emergencies or conditions are not grounds for a refund.
  • Death of the student or immediate family member: Death must occur after the start of the semester for which the refund is being requested. (Immediate family includes spouse, mother, father, legal guardian, sibling or grandparent.)
  • Military duty

Documentation dates must coincide with the term in question.

Appeals must demonstrate a significant disruption to the student's ability to successfully complete coursework.

The University will not consider fee appeals based on:

Note for financial aid recipients

Financial aid recipients: Your financial aid and student account will be adjusted to reflect any financial changes that may result from a successful appeal, i.e., revised charges and revised financial aid. 

This could result in you owing a balance to The University of Akron for charges paid by financial aid and for any financial aid refund money you received directly but did not earn based on your non-attendance.