Set up access to view a student’s eBill and make payments

You, the student, can set up an "authorized user" such as a parent who can make payments to your account.

  1. Log in to My Akron and go to the Finances section of the Student Center.
  2. Select "Authorize Parent Access."
  3. Set up a PIN and add your parent's e-mail address so he or she will receive notification when the bill is available.

Your parent can change his or her password or e-mail address by logging in to the system.

To make a payment, go to My Akron.  See also: How to pay a bill.

Authorized User Questions

Who has access to a student's CASHNet account?

  • Anyone the student chooses to set-up in the Authorized User PINs section.
  • The student will give the authorized user a login name and password.
  • Do not let others do transactions with your login. Give them their own login and password in the Authorized User PINs section.

What is CASHNet?

CASHNet is a third party that provides online payment services to the University. Through CASHNet, you can pay your bill by credit card for a fee of 2.9 percent. Electronic checks are processed at no additional cost.

Can I give my parents access to my CASHNet account?

  • Yes, you may enroll them in the Authorized User PINs section for the payment process.
  • The Authorized User can log in at anytime to pay on the account.
  • The Authorized User’s financial information will be secured to his or her login.
  • The Authorized User may change his or her password and email address.

What if my parents forget their password and need to make a payment?

If they have forgotten their password, the student will need to re-set it through My Akron.  If the parent would like to make a payment prior to re-setting the password, they can make an emergency payment using the student's ID (found on the university issued ZipCard) and last name.

What happens if My Akron is down?

My Akron is normally available 24 hours a day. My Akron is rarely down more than an hour or two at a time.

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