Promise to Pay Payment Plan

The Promise to Pay Payment Plan allows you to make up to four (25%) payments throughout the semester, including the initial downpayment. There is a $35 application fee, which will be required in addition to your downpayment.

How to sign up for the plan

  1. Sign into My Akron Click on Student Center Sign Up for Payment Plan
  2. To view the payment plan registration deadline, refer to the Promise to Pay payment plan registration dates.


  • The Promise to Pay payment plan covers only one term, so you will need to re-enroll every term.
  • You may see “anticipated aid” on your account. If the amount is sufficient, you can use it to reserve classes, avoid late fees and prevent holds for non-payments. It cannot, however, be used as the first installment. (A “hold” will prevent you from signing up for classes. To remove the hold, you should talk with the department that has placed the hold. They’ll provide step-by-step instructions.)
  • Anticipated aid may be used to reduce your balance or budget amount. The budget amount is used to determine your monthly installment due amount. For example:
Tuition $4,309.08
General Service Fee $428.40
Facility Fee $342
Course Fee $100
Total Charges $5,179.48
Pell Grant (1,200.00)
Loan (2,475.00)
Total Credits (3,675.00)
Total Budget $1,504.48 balance bue


$411.12 (includes Payment Plan fee)
$1,539.48 total paid over the semester

Office of Student Accounts

Contact us:

Phone: 330-972-5100
Fax: 330-972-2082
In person: Simmons Hall lobby (map)

Mailing address for payments:

University of Akron
Student Accounts/Bursar
P.O. Box 2260
Akron, OH 44309-2260