Ensuring Excellence of Our Members and Community Through Education, Collaboration and Advocacy

NPHC Values

Although each chapter is unique, chapters share the values of academic excellence, leadership development, philanthropic involvement, and developing a bond of sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.  Fraternity and Sorority Life provides opportunities for men and women to be involved in NPHC Week, Greek Week, philanthropic events, and many other social events to get to know other students at UA. Chapters maintain grade point averages on both National and UA standards. Our National Pan-Hellenic Council strives to uphold these common values through programming, cooperating and supporting.

There are three common values among our organizations; scholarship, service and sisterhood/brotherhood:

  • Scholarship: The Pan-Hellenic Community has a strong emphasis on its members achieving and maintaining grades. While each chapter has different expectations of its members, every chapter has academic help available in the way of study halls, academic advising, mentoring from older members and more to help make this possible  
  • Service: Each chapter has their own philanthropy and community service organization members work to support. Over the years the number of documented hours and philanthropic money raised has continued to rise, and each year we strive to do better than the year previous. Aside from servicing the community, members of our chapters service the campus by being leaders. Members of these chapters not only enrich their college experience in all facets, but are a part of a unique lifelong organization comprising of thousands of women across the United States. Every chapter has opportunities to hold officer positions or be on a committee in order to engage in unique learning experiences.
  • Sisterhood/Brotherhood:  Fraternity and Sorority Life offer friendships that last long past receiving a diploma. Fraternity and Sorority membership provides an unlimited network of colleagues, professional associates, community members, support and, above all, brothers and sisters who are there for one another. Our community also provides opportunities to be involved in Songfest, Greek Week, philanthropic events, and many other social events to get to know many other students outside of their own organization.