A note about web-forms

One of the most common ways to interact with your users is by using a form.  These forms can be created in a variety of ways to serve different purposes and different audiences - and each setup presents different accessibility challenges.  

Types of forms

Qualtrics | Our survey tool is great for feedback, simple event registrations, and interactive surveys/data collection.

Cashnet | Need to collect payment for an event or project?  Cashnet is our eCommerce platform for online credit card payments

PDF | If your form must have a physical signature, a form-fillable PDF with a signature line will allow your users to type their information in, they print and sign.

Forms Processor |  The webteam built a tool to process forms information that allows for attachments and sends email.

Feedback/Interest form |  Need quick feedback on a page or project?  There's a structure in dotCMS that can be dropped onto a page and configured to send email

Springboard | Is your form course-related?  Springboard has all the tools included for great interaction with your students.

Not recommended

Word Docs | Difficult to maintain formatting and content.  "Locked" forms can be difficult for users to complete

Google forms | Tied to a specific account and challenging to move.  Lacks flexibility with question types and formatting.

Other survey tools, like Survey Monkey | Not approved by UA General Counsel.  There are concerns with other third party tools and the security of their data.

Getting started

  1. Create a mock-up of what you'd like for the form in Word.
  2. Contact the UA Webteam - web-team@lists.uakron.edu .  The Webteam can evaluate the form and determine the best tool to use - and provide guidance on keeping it accessible.