Use of Buttons

More than links

A button is a link with a call to action.  It may be for submitting a form, starting an email, or completing a task like applying or registering.  Because they can single an important "next step" for the users, good usage of buttons is essential.

Image vs. CSS

Consistent usage of button styles through the site will help keep the users on track.  The UA brand standards help define button styles that we can use on the site through CSS.

CSS button:  Apply Now

Image button: clickButton

Because "button shaped" images can look like anything, keeping them consistent can be difficult.  Also, the CSS button still has the text as text - which means it can be read by screen readers and discovered by search engines.

Where to use buttons

Because a button can be a call to action, too many buttons on a page can be as distracting AS TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  


Come see what UA has to offer: Visit Campus


Come see what UA has to offerVisit Campus

Sparing, consistent buttons as calls to action can guide your user to the next steps towards the information they need.