Naming of Links

The function of links

In addition to being an indicator of something on which to click, a link can also give the user information about where they are headed.

Good links:

A good link matches the title of the page where the user is headed.  If the page where the link resides is taking about Departmental Scholarships, then a good link to include would be to the application.  So:

Scholarship Application a good link.  This is also important for Search Engines - link text that matches the destination page will produce better and more accurate results.  

Bad links:

click here

On its own, a "click here" link conveys no information about where the user is headed. While a user can sometimes infer where they are headed based on the surrounding text, this is not always clear.  Consider this example:

Important Information

A screen reader may miss the connection between the nearby text and link - leaving the user confused as to where they are headed. Clearly named links help guide all of our users to the information they need.