Research Activities

In order to remain current in the rapidly developing field of politics, the Bliss Institute staff regularly conducts applied and scholarly research. The institute's research efforts provide a source of up-to-date information for the general public, as well as political practitioners and academicians, and offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity for advance study.

Director of Research

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Poll: Clinton in the lead, but nearly half of Democrats want Biden to run

Nearly half of likely Democratic primary voters (48%) say that Vice President Joe Biden should get into the presidential race, expressing a strong sentiment that they want to consider an alternative to Hillary Clinton, according to the Bliss Institute/Zogby Analytics poll released Aug. 5, 2015.

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Poll: Strong support for Trump among republican primary voters

Donald Trump leads the Republican presidential field with 25% among likely GOP primary voters, according to The University of Akron’s Bliss Institute of Applied Politics and Zogby Analytics poll released Aug. 4, 2015.

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David Horn Manuscript on Gerrymandering

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Buckeye Battleground

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Current Research Projects

The Bliss Institute currently has several projects ongoing.  Below is a listing of all projects in their research phase

For more information on the Institute's current research projects, please call us at (330) 972-5182.

Bliss Institute Special Projects Page

The Bliss Institute Special Projects page is an archive of the many different projects outside of the Institutes research. Click above to be redirected!

Research Archive

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download file ReligiousActivistReport-Final.pdf
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download file Fifth_National_Survey_Religion_Politics.pdf
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download file ClergySurvey.pdf
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download file Blissreligionreport.pdf
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download file AkronFall2008.pdf
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download file AkronBuckeyePollSummer_08_.pdf
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download file AkronBuckeyePollSpring2008.pdf
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download file AkronBuckeyePollFall2008.pdf
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download file Akron_Buckeye_Poll_Fall_08.pdf
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download file Akron_Buckeye_Poll_Fall_08.doc
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