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Department of Criminal Justice Studies

Begin your path to a career in criminal justice with our interdisciplinary program. We combine resources from Sociology, Political Science and Criminal Justice. You will become prepared for a wide range of public and private sector careers in policing, the courts, corrections, and intelligence analysis; or continue to graduate or law school.

Our program

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In our program you can choose from two bachelor's degrees, an associate degree and a minor, and you can also add a certificate to your credentials. You will learn from faculty in Sociology, Political Science and Criminal Justice, who are internationally known researchers, award-winning teachers, and experienced criminal justice and security administration professionals.

Students in a forensics lab observe as an instructor makes a point about a fictitious crime scene.

In a Forensics Lab, an instructor makes a point while examining a mock crime scene with students.

B.S. Criminology and Criminal Justice

  • See the degree details
  • Choose a focus area:
    • Law and Courts Track
    • Policing Track
    • Corrections Track
    • Criminology Track

B.S. Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

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  • Satisfy core courses in Criminal Justice, and several electives allow you to tailor your degree to your personal goals.
  • You may step-up to one of the bachelor’s degree programs.


Certificate in Police Ethics

Wondering if Criminal Justice is right for you?

Take our Intro to Criminal Justice (Course # CRJU:100) class to get a general overview of the field, plus it counts towards your general requirements.

The course covers: Criminal justice history; development and evolution within the United States; subsystems of police, courts, and corrections; Constitutional limitations; current criminal justice practices and issues, including human relations, professionalization, prevention; topics that are relevant today.

Why choose Akron?

Interdisiplinary degree photo of fingerprints, courthouse and two-face depicting sociology. 1. Our Criminal Intelligence Analysis degree

We are the only university in Ohio to offer you a Criminal Intelligence Analysis bachelor's degree. Analysts are on the front line in the fight against crime and terrorism. You'll learn how to use data and information to help prevent and solve crimes and security problems. Career opportunities on a local and federal level are continuously increasing.

2. Variety of subjects

You will take a wide range of courses and learn from professors in multiple subjects: Political Science, Sociology, and Criminal Justice. Our goal is to prepare you for success by exposing you to all aspects of the criminology and criminal justice field. Additionally, there are a variety of scholarships available.

3. Real experience = hireable

Our program is designed to make you desirable to employers. Between what you learn in the classroom mixed with the hands-on experience you get through labs and our internship program you gain skills employers seek. Our close proximity to downtown helps you get a foot in the door of local agencies and businesses, plus our professors use our location as an urban learning lab.

In Intro to Police Studies, Dr. David Licate requires you to engage with police officers through ride-alongs, observing specialized units, and interviewing officers.

Get involved at UA


BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice requires you complete at least one internship, but we encourage you to participate in an internship no matter which degree you are seeking. Internships are a major asset to employment after graduation. Our established internship program can place locally and nationally, including Washington D.C.

Placements include, but not limited to:

  • Law enforcement
  • Non-government agencies
  • Federal agencies (Drug Enforcement Agency, Homeland Security, Marshals)
  • State agencies (Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Ohio State Patrol)
  • Counseling and social service agencies (Victim Assistance Program, Shelter Care, Battered Women's Shelter)

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Student Organizations

UA has several active student organizations that will improve your educational and social experience by connecting classroom insights to real world problem solving, and boost your networking in the field.

Career options and outlook

UA graduates have been successful in many different fields post-graduation, including law, business, research and teaching. The career outlook is strong for people holding criminal justice degrees.

Professions include:

  • Border Patrol Agent
  • Child Protection Worker
  • Compliance Managers
  • Correctional and Patrol Officers
  • Crime Data Intelligence Analysis
  • Detectives and Investigators
  • Digital Video Evidence Technician
  • Drug Enforcement Agent (DEA)
  • Fire Marshal
  • Forensic Science Technicians
  • Fraud Examiners
  • Lawyer
  • Sheriff
  • Substance Abuse Counselor

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Hear about our program

Our faculty give you an overview of what a Criminal Justice degree can do for you. They delve into career options and projections, median salaries, why you should choose UA and more degree details.


If you have any questions or want to schedule a visit, call 330-972-6451 or email us. We also have campus-wide admissions events and visit days to give you a feel for our campus.


Dr. David Licate
Olin Hall 235
Department Chair & Professor