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Criminology and Criminal Justice

Start your path to a career in criminal justice, policing, the courts, corrections and intelligence analysis.

Why choose The University of Akron?

Interdisiplinary degree photo collage, of fingerprints, courthouse and two-face depicting sociology.1. Our Criminal Intelligence Analysis degree

We are the only university in Ohio to offer you a Criminal Intelligence Analysis bachelor's degree. As an analyst you will be on the front line in the fight against crime and terrorism. Learn to use data and information to help prevent and solve crimes and security problems. The career opportunities on a local and federal level are continuously increasing.

2. Variety of subjects

You will take a wide range of courses and learn from professors in multiple disciplinary subjects like Political Science, Sociology, and Criminal Justice. Our goal is to prepare you for success by exposing you to all aspects of the criminology and criminal justice field.

3. Real experience = hireable

What you learn in the classroom mixed with the hands-on experience you get through simulated labs and our extensive internship program will give you the skills employers seek. Our UA program is designed to make you desirable to employers. Plus, our proximity to downtown Akron, helps you get your foot in the door of real criminal justice agencies, local businesses, and municipal and state governments looking for skilled analysts, while you're earning your degree. Professors use downtown as an urban learning lab for field observations in security and investigations. In his course, Intro to Police Studies, Dr. David Licate requires you to engage with police officers through ride-alongs, observing specialized units, and interviewing officers.

Our program

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Forensics Lab faculty member Brenda Butler makes a point while analyzing a mock crime scene with students

Forensics Lab faculty member Brenda Butler makes a point while examining a mock crime scene with students.

This interdisciplinary program combines resources from Sociology, Political Science and Criminal Justice Studies to prepare you for a wide range of public and private sector careers, as well as law school or graduate school.

You will learn how the criminal justice system works through a mixture of academic knowledge and practical experience. Our faculty are internationally known researchers, award-winning teachers, and experienced criminal justice and security administration professionals.

UA gives you the choice of a bachelor's degree with a specific career track in various areas of criminal justice, policing, the courts, corrections, and intelligence analysis.

The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice provides core courses in Criminal Justice with several electives that allow you to tailor the degree to your own career or personal goals. While earning your associate degree, you may step-up to one of the bachelor’s degree programs.

Wondering if Criminal Justice is the right career for you?

Take our Intro to Criminal Justice (3800:100) class to get a general overview of the field. The class covers all areas of the program: discussion of crimes and crime trends, theories of criminal behavior, public reactions to crime, law enforcement techniques and responses to crime, the court process, and corrections. Current issues are discussed to show how these topics are relevant to events today.



Criminology and Criminal Justice
This degree will prepare you for a career in policing, the courts, correctional agencies, or business and industry with a balance of research and professional skills. After taking core and foundational courses in Criminal Justice, Political Science and Sociology, you will choose your concentration area: policing, courts and law, corrections, or criminology.

Criminal Intelligence Analysis
This degree will prepare you for a career in crime and intelligence analysis. You will take analytical and technical courses providing you with highly marketable skill sets, and with the ability to apply those skills in several disciplines.


Overhead bird's eye view of downtown Akron, included are police stations, courthouses, and law offices.An internship is a major asset in learning and to employment after graduation. It is required to complete one while earning your degree. We currently have an established internship program that can place you in a variety of positions.

Previous students have interned in nongovernmental organizations, law enforcement, drug rehabilitation programs, probation/parole offices, battered women’s shelters, hospitals, courts, jails and prisons. We have placements in federal agencies (Drug Enforcement Agency, Homeland Security, or Marshals), state agencies (Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Ohio State Patrol), and several local agencies in Summit, Stark and Cuyahoga counties, as well as in Columbus and Washington D.C.

Interns have also been placed in counseling and social service agencies (Victim Assistance Program, Shelter Care, Battered Women's Shelter of Summit and Medina County). Research and government agencies are also available.

The high concentration of criminal justice agencies near campus will give you many real-world learning opportunities while still taking classes. The Akron Police Department, Summit County Sheriff's Office, Summit County Prosecutor's Office and many other criminal justice agencies are downtown that have internships available to you.


There are several active student organizations that will improve your educational experience by connecting classroom insights to real world problem solving, boost your networking in the field, and are fun!

Criminal Justice Association
Faculty adviser, Sarah St. George

Ohio Innocence Project 
Faculty adviser, Daniela Jauk
Student president, Tanisha Perrera

Pre-Law Club
Faculty advisers, Jim McHugh and Phil Marcin

Sociology Club
Faculty adviser, Insun Park
Student president, Garret Decker

Career options

The University of Akron graduates have been successful in many different fields post-graduation, including law, business, research and teaching. The career outlook for people holding criminal justice degrees is strong. Learn more at the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Professions include:

Border Patrol Agent
Child Protection Worker
Compliance Managers
Correctional Officers
Crime Data Intelligence Analysis
Detectives and Investigators
Digital Video Evidence Technician
Drug Enforcement Agent (DEA)

Fire Marshal
Forensic Science Technicians
Fraud Examiners
Lobbyist Mediator
Patrol Officers
Substance Abuse Counselor

Prospective students

Contact us with any questions or to schedule a visit! We are available by phone at 330-972-6451, email or in person.

We also have campus-wide admissions events and visit days to give you a feel of our campus.


Dr. Nancy Marion
Olin Hall 204
Department Chair and Professor


Dr. Rebecca Erickson
Olin Hall 247H
Department Chair and Professor


Dr. Bill Lyons
College of Arts and Sciences Building 448E
Acting Department Chair & Professor

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About us:

Criminology and Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary program partnership between— Sociology, Political Science, and Criminal Justice Studies.

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