Disposal of Surplus Property

A SPR form must be accurately filled out and submitted for the disposal of all surplus property.

1. Once a SPR form has been completed and authorized, submit via fax (x5294), or via e-mail (cook@uakron.edu) to the Surplus Property office. A copy will be submitted to Special Services for item pickup.
2. Complete the item description area as thoroughly as possible. Showing brand, model, serial number, UA inventory tag number, location of item, and any outstanding features. Also describe missing parts, extra or accessory equipment, present operating condition, estimated cost to repair, if needed and any other pertinent data.

Note: If the item being disposed of is valued at or over $5,000 at the time of purchase please indicate that the item is a capital asset on the SPR form.


The following definitions apply to the Surplus Recycling Program (referred to as the SPR program), as described in this document:

CANNIBALIZATION To disassemble an item into its component parts for a secondary utilization.
CAPITAL EQUIPMENT For University purposes, this is equipment, furniture, etc., which had an original purchase price of $5000 or more.
EXTERNAL SALE A possible sale of surplus property to any individual or organization outside of the University, Central Stores will sell the item(s) at the best possible price.
OWNING DEPARTMENT The department having the authority to declare specific property as “surplus”.
RECYCLING The systematic re-processing of materials declared as surplus by campus departments by offering these items to other users who may have a need for the item.
SALVAGE Surplus material is not a complete operating unit but is a component of equipment, which has been cannibalized (switches, bearings, etc.) or of a structure that has been dismantled (door, sinks, etc.). Although not a complete unit, “salvage” has utility and economic value in its present form.
SCRAP Surplus material, such as metal shavings, broken components, or inoperable equipment.
SURPLUS Property that is not needed by a department or organization within the University.
STORAGE Property that the department wants to keep for short or long term. (Storage is accessible through capital planning department.)

Pickup and Delivery

All items that are deemed surplus property and are listed on the SPR form will be picked up by Special Services at no charge and delivered to Central Stores. Delivery of internal transfer of property claimed at Central Stores will require a requisition to Central Stores. Central Stores will forward the related documents to Special Service to arrange delivery of these items. Departments will be charged at an hourly rate determined by Special Services.