UA corrosion forum recognizes distinguished experts


Movers and shakers from the field of corrosion engineering were recognized at The University of Akron’s inaugural Corrosion Forum on Sept. 20-21 at the UA campus.  

Presented by UA’s National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance (NCERCAMP), the forum recognized Daniel J. Dunmire and Mike Baach as Vision Leaders in Corrosion. Dunmire, director of Corrosion Policy and Oversight for the Department of Defense, and Baach, president and CEO, The Philpott Rubber Co. were honored for their commitment to the field of corrosion engineering.

Also, five NCERCAMP Fellows were selected for their contributions to the advancement of the NCERCAMP:

  • Aziz Asphani: director, ASM-Materials Education Foundation and chairman, Advanced Motion Technologies educational program planning and course development
  • Joe Payer: chief scientist, National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance, The University of Akroneducational leadership and outreach
  • Mike Baach: president and CEO, The Philpott Rubber and industrial leadership
  • Neil Thompson: founder and chairman, DNV Columbus, Inc., CEO and segment director of Onshore Pipelinesvision and industrial leadership
  • Richard Kinzie: chief engineer, OSD Office of Corrosion Policy and Oversightexpertise in DoD corrosion programs

The Corrosion Forum covered topics including pipelines, bridges, highways, facilities, research and development.

Established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Defense in 2010, NCERCAMP supports the delivery of degree programs in engineering; conducts research to prevent and/or mitigate corrosion and materials degradation; develops and delivers workforce training and certification programs; and sponsors public awareness and policy events that highlight corrosion education and research.

NCERCAMP is housed at the UA College of Engineering and is structured to encourage representation and participation across multiple UA colleges as well as partner institutions around the world.

icon Written by Nikita Lero

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