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WE ARE COMMITTED to excellence in graduate education!

Composed of the departments of Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, the College of Engineering is the second oldest college at the University.

The engineering graduate programs at The University of Akron
provide students with the opportunity to enhance their technical
and leadership skills, increasing their marketability in the
competitive field of engineering.

Engineers with graduate degrees tend to have stronger career
growth, management potential and earnings outlook. According
to the Center for Education and the Workforce, engineers
with graduate degrees make 20 percent more than those with
undergraduate degrees alone.

► We offer an interdisciplinary Master's in Engineering program to accommodate working schedules.

Graduate degree programs

Akron's graduate programs are known widely for their excellence. You will develop technical expertise as well and professional skills, increasing your value to employers.

Prospective students apply directly to the department of interest.

Master of Science Degrees

Learn about our programs in: 

Ph.D. Degrees

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program

Participants in the interdisciplinary doctoral program have access to all the academic resources available in the College of Engineering rather than to just those within a department. Engineering and science departments outside the College of Engineering have access to an engineering doctoral degree which expands and enhances the student base, stabilizes the critical number of participating faculty, and expands the academic resources available for the doctoral program.

Student Stories 

Meet College of Engineering students and alumni who are making waves in Northeast Ohio and beyond. 

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Admission and Support

The Graduate School oversees the admission procedure into the college. You can learn more about the admission process, requirements, tuition, and financial aid.

There are also financial resources available for outstanding prospective students to support their graduate education.

Required GRE Scores

Official results of the analytical writing and quantitative portions of the GRE must be submitted. Please note that in no case may the Quantitative score for an applicant fall below 149 nor the Analytical Writing Score fall below 2.5. The GRE minimum requirements for admission into master and doctoral programs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering can be met by one of the four score combinations below:

Writing Score

Quantitative Score









The GRE requirement may be waived for students holding degrees from ABET accredited programs (with department approval).


  • Train engineers and scientists to solve state of the art technological issues.
  • Train student to develop theory, methodology and necessary experimental skills to investigate emerging issues in engineering and science that effect state and national interests.
  • Provide excellence in presenting their findings via theses, doctoral dissertations and research papers.
  • Where appropriate train students to be future educators.
  • Where appropriate train students in industrial research.
  • Where appropriate train students to work on interdisciplinary teams.