Our Vision for Graduate Education

Graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering (BME) are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate students with varied backgrounds and to promote an interest in theoretical and applied research while preparing the student for a career in industry, government or academia. Faculty members in the BME Department have strong research programs, with active research and clinical collaborations locally, within the region, and across the country. The interdisciplinary doctoral degree in engineering allows for a research specific focus that is individualized for the student.

BME faculty hold joint appointments in Integrated Biosciences, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering to support the research goals of the faculty and the students.  Interested students should contact faculty directly to obtain information on potential graduate program options.

Research Focus Areas

Our faculty members have diverse research interests focused on establishing engineering principles and developing cutting-edge technologies to solve a host of life-science problems. Specific research interests include:

The department also conducts a number of research initiatives focused on connecting basic science and engineering research with clinical applications. These efforts are bolstered by the department's partnerships with local area hospitals and other biomedical institutes in Northeast Ohio.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are available on a competitive basis. The deadline for receipt of assistantship applications is February 1 for Fall admission and three letters of recommendation are required. For applications and financial aid information, please visit The University of Akron Graduate School .