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TESOL Endorsement - Course Descriptions

3300:566 Linguistics & Language Arts (3 credit hours)

This is a foundation course in linguistics with a focus on academic language development of second language learners. Fundamental concepts in the core of linguistics, including morphology, syntax, semantics, phonetics, phonology, and pragmatics are covered in lectures and structured linguistic exercises with discussions on practical applications to classroom instruction. Students apply the linguistic knowledge and analytic tools learned in this class to analyze content texts and to make connections between linguistics and their professional and personal lives.

5500:543 Techniques for Teaching English as a Second Language (3 credit hours; 10 field hours)

This course surveys methods and materials for teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing to English Learners. It also examines factors that impact language learning, such as attitudes, motivation, and sociocultural background. This course includes 10 hours of field experience. Ten field hours required.

5610:569 Inclusive Education for English Learners (2 credit hours)

This course explores issues and practices related to the instruction and assessment of English Learners (EL) with exceptional needs with an emphasis on the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP®) model. The focus is to provide a greater understanding of the relationship between culture, language and disability so as to promote effective services for the linguistically diverse student and their participation in the classroom. Specific topics include disproportionate representation of ELs in special education, the influence of culture on ELs, assessment issues and placement options for ELs with high-incidence disabilities and techniques for providing instruction and adaptations for students with high-incidence disabilities, especially in inclusive settings. This is a web based course.

5500:556 Scaffolding Language and Content Learning for English Learners (3 credit hours; 15 field hours)

This course introduces and explains quality, research-based sheltered instruction for improving teaching effectiveness and accelerating academic achievement for English learners. Specifically, the focus is on developing a thorough understanding of the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP®) Model. This is a web-based course. Fifteen field hours required.

3300:573 Theoretical Foundations & Principles of ESL (3 credit hours)

This course surveys first and second language acquisition theories and language teaching methods with an emphasis on the connection between first language literacy and second language reading and writing development as well as content-based language teaching. Principles of the teaching of English as a second language based on research in linguistics, psycholinguistics, and second language pedagogy are explored in lectures, structured readings, discussions, and projects targeting content text complexity with effective academic language teaching strategies.

5500:541 Teaching Literacy to English Learners (3 credit hours; 15 field hours)

This course applies methods for teaching reading and writing to English language learners’ pre-K-12, assessment of literacy skills, and selection, development, and evaluation of materials. This course includes 15 hours of field experience.

5500:588 Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language (2 credit hours; 10 field hours)

This is a supervised student teaching experience in an ESL classroom. Ten field hours required.