Nutrition and dietics coordinated program at the university of akron

Bachelor's of Science in Food and Environmental Nutrition

Program overview

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Food and Environmental Nutrition (FEN) is designed to meet the needs of the food industry. 

Recommended course sequence (Curriculum Guide)

This degree prepares and equips students for the food industry’s fast pace and cross-functioning team approach. With a strong food, science, and nutrition based curriculum partnered with business and management. Graduates are qualified to work in a diverse range of opportunities in the food industry immediately after graduation and contribute to innovative solutions to the evolving challenges of the food industry.

Students who have a specialized interest in the food industry would have the option for a major in food and nutrition and would be able to design their curriculum to attain a degree in Food and Environmental Nutrition from the beginning of their coursework.


Internships are available to enhance the student experience at the University of Akron. Current partnerships exist with local food industry to provide the experience needed to help students thrive in their career.

Every aspect of FEN – its mission, courses, core competencies, and internships – was developed in partnership with experts in the food industry. National food companies, local food producers, and professional food industry organizations continue to provide support and input.


Dietetic majors could augment their Dietetics degree by completing both the dietetics requirements and requirements for a degree in Food and Environmental Nutrition.

Students who have met the course requirements for a dietetic internship, but who do not wish to complete an internship, would be able to complete this degree option in approximately two additional semesters for a degree in Food and Environmental Nutrition.

Students in this degree program would follow the Dietetic program coursework from freshman through the third year to establish a strong scientific base for the Food and Environmental Nutrition degree.

A minimum of 128 credits are required to graduate from this program.

Food and Environmental Nutrition handbook

Contact Information for Program Guidance

Contact the Student Success Center academic advisor or Program Coordinator for academic guidance:

Student Success Center academic advisor:

Joan Ogg
Phone: 330-972-5875

Program Coordinator:

Pei Yang-Liu
Phone: 330-972-8824