Subletting your Apartment

Handing over keys

What is subletting?

In simplified terms, it is when a person who has a rental agreement finds another person to take over the payments for that agreement.


Person A signs a lease to rent an apartment for 1 year

Person A is going to study abroad for one semester (4 months of the year)

Instead of paying rent for a place Person A won't be living in, he finds Person B to live in his apartment and pay the rent during the time he is gone.

The original contract is still in Person A's name, but Person B (the subtenant) has agreed to make the payments for a portion of the original lease time.

What is a Subtenant?

This is the typical name for the person who agrees to pay the monthly rent on another person's lease, in exchange for that person being able to live in the location.

Will I be responsible for the lease if I sublet to another person?

It’s important to understand that the responsibilities of the tenant in a subleasing situation are often built into the terms of the lease. For instance, in some cases, if the subtenant does not pay rent, the tenant who has the lease in their name will be responsible for making rental payments. In other cases, your property manager or landlord may want to sign a new lease under the new tenant’s name. In either case, you’ll want to contact your property management office or landlord to determine the relevant details.

What steps should I take if I want to sublease my apartment?

If you are serious about subleasing your apartment, you’ll want to first reach out to your property manager or landlord to determine if you’re permitted to sublease your house or apartment. In some cases, a lease will permit the subleasing of a location, in other cases it will not.

Where can I get connected with students who may want to sublease?

The University of Akron manages a Facebook group and a twitter page, where students can join/follow and post information about subleasing their apartment.

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