Research Compliance & Integrity

The University of Akron is committed to ensuring that all research adheres to federal, state, and university policies regarding research and accepting external funds.

For information about compliance matters, requirements, protocols, as well as the institutional bodies that approve and oversee UA research compliance, see the pages linked below.

General Laboratory Safety

If you are doing any kind of laboratory work (including teaching labs), the Office of Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety (EOHS) provides guidance on general laboratory safety requirements.  Click below for more information.

  • Biohazards/Radiation Safety
  • Respiratory Safety
  • Chemical Safety

Institutional Conflict of Interest/Commitment

All employees must complete a disclosure related to the following.  Click below to learn more.

  • The University of Akron has a Conflict of Interest and Commitment policy, which complies with both federal and state laws.
  • If you have any financial interests related to your work at UA, click below.
Institutional Conflict of Interest/Commitment

Human Research Protections Program

If you are planning research that involves human subjects, clock below for more information about the following topics:

  • Protecting Human Subjects participating in research
  • How to submit an IRB application
Human Research Protections Program

Animal Care and Use Program

Click here for information about:

  • Policy and Forms for the ACUP.
  • How to submit an IACUC protocol application.
  • Guidance for protocol content.
Animal Care and Use Program

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Click here for information about work with:

  • Biological Agents used in Teaching
  • Biological Agents used in Research
  • NIH Guidelines on work with rDNA
Institutional Biosafety Committee

Effort Reporting and ecrt

    Effort Reporting and ecrt

    Financial Conflicts of Interest

    • Click below if you have a federally funded award (e.g. NSF or NIH), or private sponsor award, where the sponsor follows PHS rules (e.g. AHA).
    • If you have any of these types of awards, you must complete a Significant Financial Interest Disclosure at least annually.
    • As above, you must also take FCOI training.

    Responsible & Ethical Conduct of Research

    If you have an NSF and NIH grant, click below to learn more about the training requirements.

    • Effective July 31, 2023, NSF requires all persons supported by NSF funds to conduct research take RECR training.
    • NIH requires all persons supported by training in research take RCR training.

    Export Controls in Research

    If you are planning travel outside the U.S., or planning collaborative research within the U.S., click below for information about the following topics:

    • Research Security
    • Traveling outside the United States, for work or personal.
    • If your research does not fall under the fundamental research exclusion (FRE) and you are collaborating with foreign persons.
    • The FRE or Export Control Laws related to research.
    Export Control

    Whistleblower Protections Notice

    • Personnel working on a federal grant, subaward, contract, or subcontract may not be discharged, demoted, or otherwise discriminated against as a reprisal for ‘whistleblowing'.
    • Click below for more information.
    Whistleblower Notice

    Open Access Requirements

    • Publications resulting from federally-funded projects must be made freely available, according to each federal agency's policy.
    • Click below for more information.
    Open Access Requirements