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Women's Studies Program

About Women’s Studies

The Women’s Studies Program at The University of Akron engages students in critical inquiry on women’s oppression in the U.S and globally; the socially constructed nature of gender and sexuality; the intersection of women’s oppression with race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and other forms of inequality; and importantly, histories and modes of feminist resistance. Through a wide variety of classes, Women's Studies encourages students to debate assumptions, explore divergent viewpoints, and investigate the social, economic, and cultural practices that have shaped the lives of women around the world.

With an emphasis on critical thinking, the program integrates intellectual scholarship and research to explore how women have been represented in literature, history, society, sociology, and the media. The course, Introduction to Women’s Studies, leads students in studies on systemic privilege/oppression, media and gender, sexuality, family studies, reproductive justice, work, gender violence, social policy, and feminist resistance. This course provides a foundation upon which to build a deeper knowledge of issues surrounding feminism, gender, and sexuality. Other courses in the Women’s Studies Program, as well as cross listed classes in Anthropology, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, History, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology, provide an eye opening and often life-altering college curriculum that prepares students to challenge power disparities found in society's most powerful institutions--family, church, academia, media, business, and government--and to work for a world founded on equality and dignity for all.

Students who have taken Introduction to Women’s Studies (3001: 200) have said:

  • “ This is my favorite class that I have ever taken!”
  •  “This class has given me that strong feminist back bone that I need to change the world, which I will one day.”
  •  “…this is one of the best classes I've taken because it taught me about the world and what women face.”
  •  “I really want the topics in this class to be taught to more people and I look forward to taking more women's studies classes. I will be recommending this course to literally everyone I can.”
  • “…this class actually changed who I am and how I want my future to look in terms of my own personal goals and the dynamics of my relationships.”

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