What's new in Women's Studies?

Mary Triece

Mary Triece, director of Women's Studies, has published a new book, “Urban Renewal and Resistance: Race, Space, and the City in the Late Twentieth To Early Twenty-First Century.” The book examines how urban spaces are rhetorically constructed through discourses that variously justify or resist processes of urban growth and renewal.

More about the book.

Praise for the book:

“A robust, rigorous, and critical critique of the often unexamined impact of the ‘colorblind neoliberal paradigm’ in U.S. urban renewal programs. Useful for understanding urban space, race, and the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

— Gene Burd, Founding Benefactor, Urban Communication Foundation

“In Urban Renewal and Resistance, Mary Triece foregrounds and carefully analyzes the voices, rhetorics, and experiences of those marginalized by America’s racially oppressive and exclusionary urban landscapes. She shows how African American urban residents suffering through gentrification-driven displacement in post-bankruptcy Detroit and enduring toxic exposure in contemporary Harlem are organizing, speaking out, and fighting back. As such, this book makes a vital contribution to our understanding of the discursive dimension of the struggles surrounding the racial and class inequalities that define the neoliberal city. ”

— Steve Macek, North Central College and the author of "Urban Nightmares: The Media, The Right and the Moral Panic over the City"

Book coverJan Yoder

Dr. Jan Yoder, recently retired from the Psychology Department of the University of Akron, is the new editor of Sex Roles.  Congratulations to Jan on her retirement and new position!

Dr. Gina Martino-Trutor

Dr. Gina Martino-Trutor, Assistant Professor of History, has published an article in the award-winning Journal of Women's History, "‘As Potent a Prince As Any Round About Her’: Rethinking Weetamoo of the Pocasset and Native Female Leadership in Early America,” Journal of Women’s History 27, no. 3 (Fall 2015): 37-60.