Women's Studies Undergraduate Minor

Students must take the following:
3001:200 Introduction to Women's Studies, 3 credits
3001:480 Feminist Theory, 3 credits-OR-
3600:455 Philosophy of Feminism 3 credits


***Students must also take 12 credits of electives, with at least 9 at the 300 or 400 level, and no more than 2 courses from the same department)

Women's Studies

3001:485 Special Topics in Women's Studies (can be repeated) 3 credit hours

3001:489 Internship in Women's Studies  1-3 credit hours

3001:493 Individual Studies on Women  1-3 credit hours

Classical Studies and Anthropology

3200:363 Women in Ancient Greece and Rome

3230:416 Anthropology of Sex and Gender


3300:364 Women Writers  

3300:440 Women and Film 

3300:453 American Women Poets  


3400:325 Women in Modern Europe

3400:350 U.S. Women's History

3400:377 History of Women in Latin America

3400:400 Gender and Culture in China

3400:469 African-American Women's History

3400:499 Women and Gender in Middle Eastern Societies

Modern Languages

3580:430  Women in 2001 Century Hispanic Literature


3600:455 Philosophy of Feminism

Political  Science

3700:375 Women in Politics


3750:474 Psychology of Women (4 credit hours)


3850:325 Sociology of Women in a Global Society

3850:415 Women in Prison

3850:416 Women and Crime

3850:447 Sociology of Sex and Gender

3850:455 Family Violence

Family and Consumer Sciences

7400:201 Courtship, Marriage & Family Relations

7400:219 Dress and Culture

7400:265 Child Development

7400:442 Human Sexuality

7400:446 Culture, Ethnicity and Family


7600:408  Women. Minorities & News

Social Work

7750:265 Women and Addiction

7750:411 Womens Issues in Social Work Practice

Women's Studies Undergraduate Certificate

The Certificate Program has the same requirements as the minor with the addition of a required Internship (3001:489 Intership in Women's Studies; 3 credit hours).  See the Women's Studies Director for more information on Internship opportunities. 

Updated 11/14/15