No matter what the result, you should congratulate yourself on a great experience!

What about the inventions you saw made them successful?  Were there attributes that you think the sharks missed?  If you could pitch again, what advice would you give yourself?

And now, the last thing we need to say is:

Are there any revisions you would make to your idea or design based on the information that you found? While this may be the last session, this is just the start to you entrepreneur journey!

Yes, at this point you have two choices:

1)   File this idea away and start on a new one, or

2)   Use the feedback that you got from the sharks and any other guests to revise and refine your product. 

So, who can you share your work with? 

Youth Entrepreneur Institute has a national pitch challenge,

Click here: Youth Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge

Don't forget to reach out to your neighborhood Chamber of Commerce or business accelerator or incubator. Here are some other resources if you decide to continue to move this innovation forward:

You are now on the path to being an entrepreneur!

Good luck!


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