When it’s your turn to present your pitch:

Remember to make eye contact with the sharks.  The others in the room are there for listening.  Your main focus and audience should be to the table of adults in front of you.

Remember your prototype!  Show it to the sharks. A picture is worth a thousand words.

What if someone asks you something that you weren’t prepared for?

1)   It’s ok to say that you need some time to think about your answer.

2)   It’s ok to ask the person to repeat the question (or reword it) if you think that you didn’t process it entirely.

3)   Answer the question, but don’t talk on and on, possibly repeating yourself. Stop and ask yourself if you answered the question. If yes, then stop. 

When it’s not your turn to pitch:

Be respectful during the other presentations.  Watch the other pitches and ask yourself what you might be able to copy the next time you’re in the position of giving a presentation. Which one is your favorite idea? Also, at the end, be sure to congratulate all of the other teams on their presentations.


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