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Image of John Martyn Harlow, M.D.

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Image of Phineas Gage

Acknowledgements: Portrait of Harlow and his photographs of Gage's skull courtesy Woburn Public Library; Daguerreotype and heads of Phineas Gage from Wilgus collection, courtesy of Beverly and Jack Wilgus; Tamping iron, Gage life mask, and the note from Phineas about his tamping iron, courtesy Warren Anatomical Museum, Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard University; William Gilbert’s map of the R&BRR courtesy of US Library of Congress Railroad Map collection; Hosea Doton’s map of Cavendish courtesy Old Sturbridge Village; Image of Barnum’s American Museum courtesy The Barnum Museum, Bridgeport; Broadside of Phineas’ lecture-exhibition in Concord and Concord coach courtesy New Hampshire Historical Society; CT scan courtesy Dr. H. R. Tyler; Ratiu image courtesy New England Journal of Medicine and Dr. Peter Ratiu.

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