Reading about Phineas Gage

More information about Phineas Gage is contained in the following publications

I. John Martyn Harlow's original reports and Henry Jacob Bigelow's assessment:

Harlow, J. M. (1848). Passage of an iron rod through the head. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 39, 389-393.

Harlow, J. M. (1868). Recovery from the passage of an iron bar through the head. Publications of the Massachusetts Medical Society, 2, 327-347. (also in booklet form published in Boston in 1869 by D. H. Clapp)

Bigelow, H. J. (1850). Dr. Harlow's case of recovery from the passage of an iron bar through the head. American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 19, 13-22. (also in booklet form published in Philadelphia in 1850 by Collins)

Facsimiles of all three of these reports are in An Odd Kind of Fame (see below)

II. Later comments:

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III. A book for juvenile readers:

Fleischman, J. (2002). Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story about Brain Science. Boston, Houghton and Mifflin.