All students who wish to pursue a degree in music (Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Music Performance, Bachelor of Arts in Music) must successfully complete an audition on their primary instrument/voice type.

Students pursuing other degrees may also audition, if they wish to be considered for a music scholarship.

Audition Details

Step 1

For prospective undergraduates: Apply to The University of Akron 

  • Applying to UA will give us all the information we need to help you set up an audition.

For prospective graduate students: Apply to The University of Akron 

Step 2

Performance Requirements

Auditioning undergraduate students are asked to prepare a solo from OMEA Class A repertoire -or- 2 short solos in contrasting styles.

Instrumentalists will be asked to perform scales (OMEA up to 6 flats, 2 sharps).

Sight reading may be required. 

Contact applied faculty with instrument-specific questions. 

School of Music Faculty

Please note: given the number of instruments played, percussion auditions tend to last 30+ minutes.

  • Solos: 2 or 4 mallet marimba solo, snare drum solo
  • Scales: 2 octaves in 16th notes, quarter note = 90
  • Sight reading: snare drum, marimba
  • Aural skills assessment (matching pitch)
  • Optional: drum set, steel pan, hand drums, timpani

Contact applied faculty with questions. 

 Percussion Faculty

Auditioning undergraduate students need to prepare two contrasting pieces. 

  • One must demonstrate fingerstyle plucking 
  • One may be a work of their choice demonstrating either melodic playing or chordal song accompaniment.  
  • A two-octave major scale and demonstrate basic major and minor chords in first position.

Contact applied faculty with questions. 

Guitar Faculty

Two or three solo pieces from contrasting periods, including one of the following:

  • One sonata-allegro movement from a Sonata from the Classical period
  • Invention or Sinfonia by J. S. Bach
  • Prelude and Fugue by J. S. Bach, or equivalent
  • Major and harmonic minor scales and arpeggios in 4 octaves in C, D, E, F, G, A, hands together

Contact applied faculty with questions. 

 Classical Piano Faculty

Jazz Piano Faculty

  • 2 solos in contrasting style
  • 1 three octave scale of choice
  • 1 etude or movement of solo Bach

Contact applied faculty with questions. 

School of Music Applied Faculty

  • Scales: Major and Minor
  • Chords: Display an understanding of root position chords. Identifying 3rds and 7ths.
  • Songs: Basic understanding of song forms (blues, ABA, AABA)
  • Transcription: Using ears to gain musical information from a recording. (Can be a solo or chords)

Contact applied faculty with questions. 

Jazz Piano

Jazz Winds

Auditioning undergraduate students are asked to prepare 2 songs in contrasting styles. Both songs are to be memorized and 1 must be in Italian, French or German.

  • Vocalists will be provided with an accompanist
  • Vocalist are required to bring a physical copy of their music for the pianist
  • Sight reading and aural skills assessment are possible

Contact applied faculty with questions. 

Voice Faculty

Prospective composition students are required to audition on a primary instrument. After a successful audition on their primary instrument/voice, applicants must also achieve a score of 80 percent or higher on the Undergraduate Placement Examination in Theory.

Bring a portfolio of scores to your audition or submit in PDF format to

Contact applied faculty with questions. 

Composition Faculty

Applicants will perform 20 minutes of repertoire representative of their senior recital and/or skill level. Works should be in contrasting styles and from different musical/stylistic eras.

For more specifics regarding audition requirements, including recommended orchestra/band excerpts, please contact the faculty member for your instrument/voice type.

School of Music Applied Faculty

The admission audition will include 6 memorized classical selections (art song and arias) in a variety of styles. Repertoire of the applicant’s choice and should showcase your highest level of musical and technical proficiency. Include selections in each German, French, Italian and English. One selection should be an aria (operatic or oratorio) and one selection must have been written after 1960. Students are encouraged to bring their own collaborative pianist. A staff pianist from UA may be requested and music scores should be sent a week prior to the audition. A rehearsal time with the staff pianist will be available.

School of Music Voice Faculty

After applying to The University of Akron  prospective students are asked to contact Dr. Christine Russell ( to arrange an interview.

Apply Now Music Education Faculty

Applicants for the Master’s Degree in Wind Conducting must submit all application materials and pending a review, will be invited for an on-campus interview / audition.  All materials should be submitted electronically to Dr. Karriker at

  • Please include the following in pdf format:
  • Letter of application
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Video Link for 15 – 30 minutes of rehearsal, preferably of 2 contrasting works
  • Video Link for 2 contrasting works in performance
  • A list of repertoire, rehearsed, conducted, and/or studied in the past 5 years – either in undergraduate conducting courses or in teaching/conducting positions

Students invited to campus to interview will also guest conduct the Wind Symphony on a work (TBA).  

UA Bands

Video displaying applicant’s conducting, both in performance and rehearsal, 10-15 minutes in total length. Video should be uploaded to YouTube as a private video. Please send the link to the Director of Choral Studies, Dr. Marie Bucoy-Calavan (
A written personal statement, 1-2 pages in length, discussing the applicant’s goals and intentions for pursuing a master’s degree in choral conducting.
Selected applicants will be invited for an on-campus audition with The University of Akron Concert Choir. Audition specifics will be sent upon invitation and will include rehearsal conducting, a sample conducting lesson with the Director of Choral Studies, an interview with a faculty committee and a performance on either voice or piano that displays the applicant’s musicality and expressive abilities.

UA Choirs

Submit a portfolio of 3 scores (PDF) with corresponding recordings (MP3) and a sample of scholarly writing to Dr. James Wilding ( Successful applicants will be invited to audition in person and must also pass the Graduate Diagnostic Examination in Theory.

Composition Faculty

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