UA public relations class of students getting taught by one of our distinguished communication faculty members.


UA's Strategic and Organizational Communication program prepares you with the knowledge and skills needed to develop, evaluate and effectively communicate messages in contexts ranging from interpersonal relationships, business applications, public campaigns, advocacy and the law.

Our goal is for you to understand how the broad field of communication impacts Organizational success and to learn how to apply technology effectively in communicating with their organization.


Strategic & Organizational Communication curriculum guide

Our UA program is designed so that you will come to understand the theoretical constructs that define “communication” and then be able to apply them to your personal and professional lives.

University of Akron student in communication class typing and working in strategic and organizational communication class.We want you to be a skillful and ethical communicator, and a "citizen-critic" who understands how effective messages are constructed and is better qualified to identify rhetoric and less trustworthy forms of communication.

The courses will equip you with the skills and conceptual knowledge for creating, evaluating, and effectively communicating messages in a host of contexts ranging from interpersonal relationships to businesses and organizations to public campaigns, advocacy and the law.

Required courses include:

  • Theories of Rhetoric
  • Organizational Communication
  • Communication Theory
  • Interpersonal Communication

Variety of electives include:

  • Persuasion
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Communication and Conflict
  • Rhetorical CriticismUniversity of Akron Professor Tang teaching a strategic and organizational communication class.
  • Training Methods in Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Group Decision Making
  • Advanced Presentational Speaking

The devoted faculty members you will be taught by are successful professionals in the communication field. Their focus is to help you achieve your career-oriented goals. Many of the communication faculty are esteemed researchers whose work builds theory and provides practical application and their research endeavors are often published in the most highly- respected scholarly journals.


The University of Akron speech and debate team and coaches, with their first state title trophy from the Ohio Foresnsic Association State Championship Tournament.Experiential opportunities:

UA wants to give you every chance to practice what you are studying. We have many opportunities on UA's campus for you to gain valuable hands-on experience by working or joining our clubs and organizations.

Specifically, as a Strategic & Organizational Communication student, you are primed to join our top-ranked Speech and Debate team. Recently, UA's Speech and Debate team won the 2016 Ohio Forensic Association State Championship Tournament and qualified to send students to the national tournament in 2015 and 2016.

Internship program:

In UA's internship program you can fulfill either 3 or 6 credit hours while gaining hands-on experience in a real workplace. You can choose to intern in nearly any department at any type of organization where communication and creativity is recognized.

There is no better way to understand the theories and concepts you are learning in the classroom than when you get to apply it for real. Also, internships will help you network and build your skill set.


A wide variety of professional fields include:

  • Human resources
  • Non-profit management
  • Corporate training and development
  • Mediation, negotiations, and law
  • Political campaigns
  • Public advocacy
  • Sales
  • Higher education

Salary expectations:

With such a wide array of professional options, there is just as big of a range in starting and advanced salary averages.

We also welcome back to the University of Akron many former students to complete their graduate degree, sometimes immediately after earning a bachelor's degree or after a few years of professional experience.


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