How to view or pay your bill

Pay a bill

Log in directly to our secure payment page to pay a bill.

Parents/guardians: Your student will need to authorize you first.

View your account in real time

If you make changes to your class schedule, or you are expecting financial aid payments, you may want to view your account in real time.

  1. Log into My Akron
  2. Go to the Student Center (top left of the page)
  3. On the Student Center page, look for the Finance header
  4. Choose Make a Payment/View eBill

Reading your bill: How to figure out the total amount due

Parents/guardians: Your student will need to authorize you to before you can access My Akron.

Review your eBill

Your eBill is a snapshot of your bill that is stored online for you to print, if necessary. You will receive an e-mail notification when your eBill is ready to view, so check your UA e-mail account regularly.

Learn about payment options

We offer several options for you to pay your bill.

Authorize someone to make a payment on your behalf

You can authorize other users to make a payment on your behalf through My Akron. Step-by-step instructions.

Tuition payment due dates

Review deadlines and make your payment on time to avoid late fees.

Select the academic term below, and we'll provide the due dates.

Returned checks/ACH payments

If your check or ACH (electronic transfer) payment is returned for the following reasons: Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), Account Closed, Altered/Fictitious or Stop Payment, a $25 returned-check penalty would be assessed to your account, and the outstanding balance would be due immediately.

A hold would be placed on your account after the third returned payment to prevent any more payments from being made by check.

Avoid late fees or holds that prevent future registration and transcripts

If you don't plan to attend, you should drop your classes right away to avoid financial responsibility. Learn how to drop classes.

  • UA reserves the right to drop your classes if you have not arranged payment. Learn about payment options.
  • A late registration fee of $100 will be assessed for any "first time" registration that occurs as of the first day of the term.
  • A late fee of $100 will be charged if payment is not received by the due date.
  • A late fee of $50 will be charged for late installment payments, if you're on the Installment Payment Plan.

Answers to your questions about billing

What is eBilling?

The eBill is a snapshot in time that is being stored online for your convenience to view or print if necessary.

How do I view my eBill?

Students and authorized users will receive an e-mail when their eBill is available to view. To view your eBill go to My Akron and navigate as follows: 

1. Enter your UANet ID and password
2. Click on the "My Experience" Tab 
3. Click on the "Student Center" Icon 
4. Scroll Down to "Finances" 
5. Click on "make a payment/view ebill" 
6. Click on "continue to Cashnet" 

Please refer to Student Center Self Service Tutorials for more detailed instruction.

Can I get a paper bill instead of the eBill?

All active students will receive an eBill. If you want a paper copy of your bill, you may log onto CashNet (through My Akron) to print a copy of your bill. Students may use any of the computer labs on campus to print a statement.

Where can I view an itemized breakdown of my eBill?

The eBill is a snapshot in time and does not list the fees in detail. To view an account breakdown:

1. Log in to  My Akron 
2. Enter your UANet ID and password 
3. Click on the "My Experience" Tab  
4. Click on the "Student Center" Icon 
5. Scroll Down to "Finances" 
6. Click on "Other Financial" dropdown box and select “Account Activity” 
7. The itemized charges will be listed by date 

I am having trouble logging in to My Akron. What can I do?

If you cannot login to My Akron, you may need to reactivate your ID and password by contacting the help desk at 330-972-6888.

Will you automatically bill my credit card each semester?

All credit card payments must be authorized individually. We will not automatically bill your credit card or checking/savings account.

My bill says "Anticipated Financial Aid." What does that mean?

Anticipated Financial Aid can be any grants, scholarships, or loans you may be eligible for as indicated on your Financial Aid award. Anticipated Financial Aid does not mean that all options listed will automatically be applied to the student account.

Learn more about financial aid.

Why hasn't my financial aid disbursed?

Your financial aid disbursement depends on your enrollment and if you have completed all the necessary steps to complete your financial aid.

Loans are applied to your student account provided you have:

Important Note: Anticipated Aid is based on full time enrollment.

Learn more about financial aid.

I'm on the Promise to Pay Payment Plan. Why does my bill show that it's been paid?

If you have a payment plan contract for this term, fee charges may appear "paid," but the charges are transferred to your payment plan account. Credits will apply to future payment plan charges or new charges.

How can I view or print my account balance and detail?

For a real time, up to date, summary of your account balance, go to My Akron and navigate as follows: 

1. Enter your UANet ID and password 
2. Click on the "Student Center" Icon 
3. Scroll Down to "Finances" 
4. Click on "Account Inquiry" 

Please refer to Student Center Self Service Tutorials for more detailed instruction.

Can I pay with an international bank account or credit card?

Yes, we have partnered with Flywire to provide our international students with an easy and secure method to send international payments in your home currency.

To make a payment with Flywire, log into MyAkron, click My Experience, Student Center, Make a Payment/View ebill, and continue to CASHNet. Select International Payments inside CASHNet, and you will be taken the University of Akron’s secured Flywire payment portal.

  • Depending on your payment method, you will receive instructions on how to complete the payment process.

How can my parent or other authorized user view my eBill?

Students sign into their eBill account through My Akron and set up their authorized user. A login name and password, assigned by the student, is used as security to view the eBill. The authorized user can also have an e-mail address added to their profile so that an email notification will be sent when a new eBill is generated. It is the student's responsibility to give the authorized user their login name and password (please keep in mind that the system is sensitive to the case (upper or lower) of each letter of the login name and password). The student also has the ability to cancel access at any time by signing into their eBill account and deactivating the authorized user's login.

Learn more about authorized users.

What happens if my payment is made after the due date?

You will be prevented from future enrollment and denied transcript requests until payment is made in full. You may also be charged a late fee.

The University of Akron is required by law to forward seriously delinquent accounts to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for collection which would mean additional collection costs. To discuss payment arrangements on an account forwarded to the Ohio Attorney General Office, please contact them directly at 888-665-5440.

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