Resources for Student Success staff

We have many resources designed to help our employees be as efficient with their time and resources as we can. 

If you have any questions regarding Student Affairs or university policies and procedures, please feel free to contact our office.

Professional policies

Time off during critical department time | Please note that no Student Success employee may schedule vacation days or professional days during critical times of work for the division. This would include, but is not totally inclusive of, the week before fall and spring semesters begin.  As different units may establish different parameters related to critical time periods, staff should consult with their department director.


The Division of Student Success supports professional development.

To promote this focus, all employees are encouraged to be involved in professional societies. This involvement provides our employees with opportunities to network and gain expertise and knowledge that enhance employee professional development.

Travel requests are prioritized based on the following:

  • The employee holds a leadership position within the professional organization.
  • The employee is presenting at the conference.
  • The employee has a need for a specific training or information in a given area that cannot be obtained at the University.
  • The employee is a participant in the conference planning committee/staff.
  • Grant-sponsored travel.

Travel training PowerPoint: Division travel training

Travel authorization form

Travel authorization form

See an example of a completed Travel Authorization Form with documentation.

University travel rules

For general University rules regarding travel, see information on the Controller's Web site or on the University General Council's rules Web site.

Travel expense report:

VISA Procurement cards

The University provides procurement cards for employee use in purchasing small routine items and for all travel. Procurement card information | Purchasing home page

Reviewing your budget statement

The University uses PeopleSoft for budgeting, financial and human resource functions. Training is provided by University Training Services. Monthly review of department budget statements is required by all Student Success offices to ensure that the information is accurate.

Contact the Office of Resource Analysis & Budget for assistance with reviewing and interpreting budget statements.

Professional resources