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Who we are:

  • We are Scholars - Our members are students first; retention and graduation rates of fraternity members are higher than non-affiliated students. The average fraternity community GPA is higher than that of the all-men’s undergraduate average GPA. Most chapters have membership GPA standards, along with academic programming to help their members achieve a high level of academic success. For those members of the community who strive to be the best, we offer Greek Honorary Societies for those members with outstanding GPA’s. 

  • We are Leaders- Each Fraternity man has a multitude of leadership opportunities through executive board and committee memberships on their governing council boards and within their respective chapters. In addition to this, many chapters host a wide variety of leadership conferences for their members.

  • We are Civic Citizens - In the 2017-2018 academic year, our Fraternity community performed 8,912 hours of community service, along with raising $46,005 for different philanthropies. For the sixth year in a row, the Fraternity community attended the FSL Alternative Spring Break Trip, in which members offered their time to benefit Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, Georgia. 

  • We are a Community: Through our common membership, interests, and most of all, values, our chapters are brought together in unity and support one another. Our community offers a multitude of events for our members to become involved with other members of the Greek community. A member’s chapter affiliation has no effect on the friendships that can be formed outside of their respective chapter. We are a community, and we hope that you will join us.

Misconceptions about Fraternities:

  • #1. Hazing
    Many people automatically associate the term "hazing" with the idea of mistreating or abusing pledges or new members, any member can actually be a victim of hazing.Greek organizations across the nation are striving to eliminate hazing from their campuses. The University of Akron has an antihazing policy in place to prevent hazing at all cost.

  • #2. Buying Friends and Cost
    A common misconception is that joining a fraternity is equivalent to paying for your friends in college, however the money paid to join a fraternity is all used to benefits it's members. Such as social events, philanthropies, leadership conferences, and insurance. It is also believed that fraternity dues are extremely expensive, but that isn't always the case. Each chapter has a different cost of joining, some being fairly cheap and others being a bit more expensive.

  • #3. Time
    Another misconception about joining a fraternity is that it will take up too much time, and your grades will suffer. However that is incorrect. Yes, joining a fraternity will take up some of your time with chapter meetings and varying social events, but the great thing about fraternities is that they will teach you how to manage your time. Fraternity men have great time management skills; greek members nationwide are maintaining above average grades, while still being able to be social.